Selling Cyber Insurance Is The New Normal

May 2, 2021

In the new era (post-COVID), the demand for working in a secure environment has never been greater.  We know this. We’ve all read about ransomware, breaches, and risks associated with the remote workforce.  We also know that companies live and survive by their customers and protecting personal data.  Experts continue to talk about the new challenges business owners face when battling cybercriminals.  

But the truth is, businesses have always needed protection from cybercriminals.  The first significant breach in 2005 compromised 1.4 million records for the DSW Shoe Warehouse.  According to Statista, there were 1,001 breaches in 2020, with 155.8 million records exposed.

As an insurance agent/broker, understanding your clients’ business is to understand their needs.  That’s a lot of work!  This is where FifthWall Solutions comes in.  We have a Dedicated Team of Cyber Producers who will help you respond to your clients quickly.  We have access to more than 25 markets, allowing you to quickly identify the right policies today and at renewal, mitigate hard-to-place risks, save you time and your client’s money. 

The question is, where are you in your journey?  See this infographic below.

We are here to make you a cyber-selling rock star.  Let’s combine insurance expertise with cybersecurity to deliver cyber risk solutions right for your clients.

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