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How Serious is Your MSP About Cybersecurity?

Given trends in the cyber insurance industry, MSPs are taking the lead when it comes to comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. As cyber attacks surge, our team at FifthWall is ready to help you become more involved in your clients’ risk management, including insurance, so you can:

  • Offer new assessment tools
  • Better risk mitigation through security controls
  • Win new business
  • Retain your most valuable clients and continue to increase security

CYBERASSURANCE: Cyber Solved for Your Clients

Not all cyber insurance policies are created equal. CYBERASSURANCE is a combination of great insurance and risk management tools to complement your toolset, offered at an affordable rate. It's the coverage we've intended along for the businesses you serve.

  • Pricing as low as $1,000
  • Limits starting at $1M
  • Highest sub-limits for cybercrime coverages
  • Includes cybersecurity awareness training
  • No business class exclusions
  • 24/7 carrier breach hotline
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Interested in Joining Our Elite Network of Managed Service Providers?

FifthWall is looking to support security conscious MSPs’ clients around the cyber insurance conversation.  This includes client insurance assessments, true expert comparisons, and access to over 30 markets for coverage.

Our partners, like Clear Guidance Partners, know the importance of being ready for breach no matter how small and protecting their clients every day with the right combination of security and insurance/risk management products.  We help our partners with client assessments and hope that you too see the value of joining our Elite Network of MSPs.


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Do your clients have the right cyber policy? Are you their trusted advisor when it comes to every facet of cyber security? A new partnership may be exactly what you need to step up your MSP offerings.